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Minecraft Speedbuilding Creeper Surprise


This is just a little something I wanted to make for a while now, but it took me longer than I thought. I had to testbuild the creepers face a few times which took about 2 hours, the real time for this was about 3 hours though (had to restart twice because my computer hates me). The footages original length is 1 hour, sped up by about 1700% to those 4 minutes.
I hope you enjoy watching this, and if you do, share/like it or a creeper will explode behind you!

Music used is:
YACHT – Paradise Engineering (instrumental)

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Minecraft Speedbuilding Simon and Lewis of the Yogscast (and me)


This is a picture of the Yogscast and me on the Gamescom 2011 in Germany. Really a nice day 🙂
Actually, this time it was pretty hard because I had to start over quite a few times (I believe I did Simons head…about 4 times?), because Fraps didn’t want to record properly on my laptop and I had to increase the size of my background. Also it took a lot longer because Lewis head was just pretty complicated to transfer to a pixel art and then into Minecraft. Guess he is too pretty :p
As you can see at the end I used a photograph as reference again, but I tried to do it spontaneous mostly.

The pure time for building it was about 2 hours, though I needed around 7 hours because of several difficulties as explained above. Btw, it’s sped up by about 1300%

Music used is
Brad Sucks – Sick as a Dog
Brad Sucks – Out of it

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Minecraft Speedbuilding Toby Turner (Tobuscus)


This is the first time I actually did something like this, but I hope you enjoy it anyway. As you can see at the end I used a photograph as reference, but I tried to do it spontaneous mostly.

The real time for it was about 1 hour, it’s sped up by 1000%

Music used is
Brad Sucks – Bad Sign
Brad Sucks – There’s something wrong

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League of Legends – a REAL Champion Spotlight (feat. Talon)


A big thank you to all my teammates which supported me while recording this (some of you were amazing) especially D4rk0cean, yippie and toxicBlade for bearing with me through the not so good teams.

Secondly: This video shouldn’t be taken seriously, but you can use it as a little guideline in how to behave if you get ganked, focused, etc. I would be glad to improve your gameplay with Talon. Please read the message at the end of the video (NO, Talon ISN’T overpowered, if you think so, you missed the point.)

In some of these matches I still learned how to play him, so don’t just troll around if you find me doing something wrong, I’m sure I’ve improved it already :p

Otherwise: enjoy

Music used:

Jesper Kyd – Venice Rooftops
Jesper Kyd – Back in Venice
Jesper Kyd – Florence Escape
all of the Assasins Creed 2 OST

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Jarvan IV meets Janna – Bad things happen…

In one of my recent games on Twisted Treeline I had this strange bug happen as Jarvan and Janna used their ultimate at the same time… I guess Janna is now OP.

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