Minecraft Speedbuilding Lady Gaga

Hey guys!
This time it’s Lady Gaga! Yeah, well, I like her and her music very much and this picture of her was good to try out some more color for my speedbuilds. Sadly, I couldn’t use her music or else this would get flagged for copyright reasons.
I’m sorry it took so long, but it wasn’t easy! I had to practice a little bit first. It took about 4 hours to build this and my hard drive was full several times (thus some missing/corrupted bits, but I hope my editing makes it somewhat enjoyable).
Fun Fact: the raw video data was 210 GB big and it’s sped up by 4500%
(btw: don’t turn this into a pro/con Lady Gaga flame argument – just appreciate the work, please)

Tutorial “how to speedbuild like this”

Music used is
YACHT – Summer Song Instrumental

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