Tutorial: Minecraft Pixel-Art Speedbuilding

Hey guys!

Since I began making my Minecraft Speedbuilding videos a long time has passed and the most frequent question asked in this time was: “how did you do this?”. Well, I already gave short explanations in comments or my video descriptions, but today I’ll give you a simple step by step tutorial, so you can too start to make amazing pictures in Minecraft! I use Adobe Photoshop here, though I’m sure you can do all these steps in most of the freeware picture editing programs.

Step 1:

First you should look for the picture you want to build – you should probably start by making something simple and clear. I chose “Teemo”, a champion of League of Legends. You should also resize your picture to a reasonable size.

Step 2:

This is where most of the magic happens. Make sure you have a clean, neutral background (white) and then go to “Filter -> Pixelate -> Mosaic”. In the upcoming window you’ll be asked by how much you want to pixelate your picture. Move the slider to see how your picture will turn out – chose something thats recognizable but not too complex to build (the smaller the number the bigger the picture will get in Minecraft! In my example I chose “8”)

Step 3:

If you start practicing building self-made pixel art in Minecraft, you should begin with as few colors as possible, in my opinion. That’s why I chose to turn my picture black and white by going to “Image -> Adjustements -> Black & White”. (Attention! Some pictures are actually easier if they’re in color, but most of the time B&W should be simpler)

Step 4:

You could start building now, but it would be still pretty hard. There’s another step which makes everything easier:

Go to “View -> Show -> Grid” and enable your grid. It probably doesn’t match, so you have to adjust it by changing the value of “Gridline Every” under “Edit -> Preferences -> Guides, Grid, & Slices” to the number you chose in your “Pixelate -> Mosaic” step. If everything went right, it should be just about right now and much easier to recognize the single pixel blocks.

Step 5:

Make a screenshot of your picture while having your grid turned on! Save the screenshot. Congratulations, you now have your blueprints to Minecraft Pixel-Art Speedbuilding.

(Note: Some people pointed out that there apparently is an application for turning pictures into minecraft blocks. I don’t use it, but if it works, this would be easier than doing this and thinking about what block you should use for each color. But it’s no fun if it’s no challenge, right? 🙂 )
Now you’ll need to begin working in Minecraft. Since I’m lucky and have a laptop and a PC I can run Minecraft twice on a self hosted Minecraft Server – my laptop Minecraft is my “Camera” and the PC is the “Builder”.

But wait! Where should we build on? Well, you need a canvas and there are several ways of getting one. If you look for it on the Minecraft Forums there should be some “empty” worlds where you can just build on the ground (though they usually are pretty grey-ish), or you use MCedit to edit an existing Minecraft world (Tutorials on MCedit can also be found in the Minecraft Forums). I made it the “hard” way and actually build my background canvas by myself. Just listen to some music or podcasts and start building as much as you think you’ll need. Give it a nice border and make sure to backup this world-save somewhere (if you want to make several pictures).

You’re pretty much done now! Open your picture you made in step 5 and start building. If you want to record yourself doing this though you’ll need a video capture program (I use Fraps) and either a second PC/laptop or a patient friend who’ll be your cameraman.

Have fun and if you have more questions, just ask


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3 thoughts on “Tutorial: Minecraft Pixel-Art Speedbuilding

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  2. Dave says:

    what program are you using to do this?

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