Minecraft Speedbuilding Simon and Lewis of the Yogscast (and me)


This is a picture of the Yogscast and me on the Gamescom 2011 in Germany. Really a nice day 🙂
Actually, this time it was pretty hard because I had to start over quite a few times (I believe I did Simons head…about 4 times?), because Fraps didn’t want to record properly on my laptop and I had to increase the size of my background. Also it took a lot longer because Lewis head was just pretty complicated to transfer to a pixel art and then into Minecraft. Guess he is too pretty :p
As you can see at the end I used a photograph as reference again, but I tried to do it spontaneous mostly.

The pure time for building it was about 2 hours, though I needed around 7 hours because of several difficulties as explained above. Btw, it’s sped up by about 1300%

Music used is
Brad Sucks – Sick as a Dog
Brad Sucks – Out of it

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